Instagram for Travel and Tourism

This course is for you no matter what level of social media experience you, travel agent, blogger, and more!

Set yourself up for success
and reach your ideal audience.

What’s your social media strategy? If you don’t have one, join my Instagram for Travel and Tourism and we will work through step-by-step proven methods to create a focused strategy (or streamline your own) to reach your ideal audience.

This course is for you no matter what level of social media experience you have...whether you're a business, travel agent, blogger, or just want to showcase your travel adventures. Let's do this!

Starts March 1, 2021


This is a 5-day course focused on the travel and tourism industry. There are short daily manageable tasks and plenty of time given for you to work on your homework before the next lesson. I feel it takes a month (at least) to get a solid strategy in place including time for taking photos and editing, writing posts, and engaging with your audience, and this will give you the foundation to succeed.

During this course, we will walk through step-by-step proven methods on how to refine your brand, how to create a great post, choosing hashtags, photo styles and editing, types of posts you can create, and we'll touch on working with brands and influencers. You will learn how to showcase your product, service, or travel experience in creative ways that will help build a strong community of followers each week. I will also share apps and workflow strategies to help optimize your time so you can focus on the fun stuff!

This course is for you if you are just getting started using Instagram and are not sure what your next steps are, if you have been using Instagram for a while already but want to dive in deeper, and it's also great for those who want to utilize Instagram for selling products or services or simply showcase your travel adventures. I'll go through the steps I took to grow my travel account from 308 followers to over 100K in a year, and my travel agent account to over 32K.  

What we'll cover...

Understand your Instagram account and why you need a business account.

Branding Your Instagram

Hashtags Research

Content & Types of Posts - Carousel, Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTV, Photo, and Video Posts

Consistency & Building Your 30-day Strategy

BONUS: blogging for business, working with suppliers, brands and influencers

Here's how our time together will work, and how to get the most out of it.

1. Register and join the Instagram for Travel and Tourism Facebook Group (links will be available in your email). 

2. On the first day of the course you'll receive an email reminder for any live sessions inside the Facebook group as well as a notice in the Facebook Group if you tag "interested". Log in to your course here at The videos inside the course are available for you to watch at any time and we will also go through them inside the Facebook group and have a live Q&A where I'll answer your questions.

3. Lessons will be posted with step-by-step actionable tasks for you to do that day and worksheets, if needed. Group discussions and support will be held in the Facebook group as well as assignment sharing and personal feedback. 

This isn't your typical course that just hints at what you need to do, I want to make sure you are comfortable with Instagram and have a strategy in place to reach your ideal audience. We'll spend these five days with me ACTUALLY TEACHING (and probably over-delivering) on lessons in order to help you become successful.

Give me just a few hours a week for a month and I'll show you: 

HOW and WHY a branded Instagram account attracts your ideal audience
– Exactly HOW you can create professional-looking graphics and photos
HOW to create a month's worth of Instagram posts in just one day
HOW to reach your ideal audience and engage with them to ultimately grow your following and convert them to clients